Our Team

Our team consists of a variety of roles, including interns from past years, current coordinators, and full-time employees. 


rachna dushyant singh

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gunjan sugandhi

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2018 Interns

luna anna archey - university of michigan

'15 & 18 Intern



Brielle bonetti - University of Michigan

Brielle is a Film and International Studies major at the University of Michigan. During her time at ANKURI, she primarily worked with creating film content and worked on several short and long films which highlight the breadth of ANKURI's programs. 


lorne carter


alex cavoli - princeton university


cole diehl - princeton university

'16, '17, & '18 Intern


natalie gale - harvard university


matt harmon - university of michigan


Sebastian holt - princeton university

'17 & '18 Intern



aliya renee khan - university of michigan


asmaani kumar


Sean moore - university of michigan 


natashia neckles - princeton university 


Prince paul


jess roberts


ian stephenson


2017 interns


Dev baraya - st. stephen's college

"I had the good fortune of getting to volunteer at ANKURI and work with Rachna and some of the most hardworking and dedicated interns I've ever met, this summer. Getting to interact with the children from government schools and seeing just how many barriers exist in their quest for knowledge was both saddening and eye opening. My time at ANKURI has encouraged me to try to do everything I can to challenge these barriers and to work towards a better future, not just for me, but for those who are less fortunate than I. More than the experience itself, it is the environment and atmosphere of ANKURI that rubbed off on me and brought about this change."


rebecca bernstein - university of michigan

"Throughout my 8 weeks with ANKURI, I've made priceless lifelong memories and have been exposed to countless life lessons. Before arriving, I did not know what to expect from my time staying in India; however, between teaching at four local schools, learning about ANKURI's mission, Rachna's cultural sessions, and visiting local sights I have taken away a love of Indian culture and an appreciation for the privilege I've been raised with. Teaching in the schools was challenging, but everyday I was rewarded with the smiles of the kids as they begged for another high-five. It soon became evident that while our lessons were teaching important linguistic skills, our presence was truly bringing joy and inspiration to the kids. I feel honored to have been exposed to the spiritual rich culture of Northern India, and to have been let into the beautiful, inspiring, and driven ANKURI family."


Bekah beveridge - westmont college

"Being here with ANKURI is much more than a work experience, it is an opportunity to grow and be challenged. In living here for a time, I have been given a lot of insight on how people do life in this part of the world. Through interning with ANKURI, I have been apart of interviewing local teachers of the nearby schools and through this experience I have been able to grow in my understanding of community dynamics and cultural norms. In my time here, I have also constructed a series of questionnaires to be distributed to different members of the community. Overall, learning from Rachna first hand has impacted me greatly as I learn more about different models for development work. Rachna truly knows her community well and knows how best to support its different members."


sadie henderson - university of michigan

"During my internship, I learned that ANKURI literally means the seed that signifies a new beginning, and that phrase really describes the program in the most holistic way possibly. From the knitting center to the English education program to all of Rachna’s incredible ideas, each aspect of ANKURI works to give women and children new opportunities, new beginnings. I am so thankful that I was able to participate and contribute by not only teaching the children and giving them an opportunity to learn English but also by playing games, singing songs, and having daily conversations with them in broken (but hopefully improving) English. I will miss the children and all their beautiful smiles, and I will also miss hearing all of Rachna’s wondrous tales of India and her dreams of its future. This internship has taught me so much about an incredible diverse and beautiful culture, and I will always cherish my time in India dearly."


Nisha lankhiani - princeton university

"Working at ANKURI has provided me with a new perspective on education and has increased my awareness of social groups in different cultural environments.  This summer, I have gained a new appreciation for education by spending time leading classes, lesson planning with my fellow interns, and interacting with young, brilliant kids who are eager to learn.  This experience has also allowed me to reflect on my own privilege and education, reminding me just how important it is to give back to others who are not as fortunate and have fewer opportunities. I'm grateful for the time I have spent teaching, learning and growing at ANKURI, an organization which I feel has empowered and inspired each individual who has played a part in its development."


trevor orginski - university of michigan

"My time as an intern with ANKURI has truly been incredible. From teaching classes at four different schools, to having sessions learning about Indian culture and history, to traveling around the country; I could not have asked for a better opportunity to immerse myself within the culture. I have had wonderful cross-cultural experiences and have throughly enjoyed my time in and out of the classroom with my students. I will look back at my time in India with only fond memories, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work as an intern with Ankuri under the leadership and guidance of its inspiring founder, Rachna."


kuhu sinha - university of michigan

"My time at ANKURI was an amazing learning opportunity. We got to teach in 4 different classrooms each day and learn so much more about the kids and ourselves. Our days were jam-packed with teaching, lesson planning, smaller projects and occasional trips. Even as a relatively local intern, I learned so much about India and about how everyone sees the world differently. It reminded me of the multitude of things I have to be proud of in this magical country, and motivates me to build people up in sustainable ways."


raymond surya - university of michigan

"I love working with kids. They are unpredictable and fun and make you think. I think working with ANKURI has more than anything made me realize children in India are similar to children in the US and children everywhere and they just want to learn. Chow Mein, Lychees, and listening to kids saying “Good Morning, Sir!” are my favorite parts of being an ANKURI intern."


Adrianna welter-mayne - clarke university

"I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity of working with the ANKURI team, and have learned so much from them and the students I have taught. I will carry this experience with me throughout my life and use it to inspire my teaching career back in the United States. My goal after graduation is to teach English abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and then to return to the United States to teach Spanish. Ultimately, I would like to join the Peace Corps and help develop the curriculum for language teachers around the United States. When I am not memorizing new vocabulary or researching Spanish culture, I love to spend my time reading or playing guitar."


anna wilgenberg - university of michigan

"My time at ANKURI has been filled with memorable experiences and wonderful people, both my fellow interns and the students of the schools we teach at. We have spent 8 weeks getting to know the children and each other while simultaneously learning so much about Indian culture through first hand experiences and talks with Rachna and others present during our stay. Seeing the children progress in their English language skills is incredible, and it is even more incredible when you realize that you have played a role in their education. The ANKURI program does an amazing job at helping the interns have a good experience while in India by helping with potential culture shock, teaching us about the area and taking interns on weekend trips to various sites around Dehradun. Overall, this experience has been important in shaping how I view India and education."


2016 Interns


cindy althoff - clarke univesity

"When I was interning for ANKURI, it was the first time the interns got to teach in the schools in the village. It was a challenging learning experience, but I would go back in a heartbeat, if I could. I enjoyed going to the schools everyday, where we taught four classes in three schools. Then in the evening we would go the Literacy Center to help students with homework, and play games. I was the only education major that was in the group of interns, so it was my job to create lessons, get materials together and prep everyone for their classes. After school got out for the summer, we ran a summer school program at the private school in the village. It was very motivating to see the students come everyday and seem excited to learn and be there. As I think back to my time in India, I miss the students and Rachna the most. The students may not have all the supplies that we have in the States or the best direction, but they have the biggest heart and are excited to learn."


mattie baron - university of michigan