The Literacy Center

ANKURI's literacy center provides after school educational activities for children aged 4-16. It is primarily run by interns who create a two-hour lesson plan each day in science, english, or math. The literacy center programs focus on creating a holistic experience for children so that they will be self-driven to continue learning on their own. Proper children's education is vital to long-term community development, which is what makes ANKURI's literacy center so crucial to its ultimate goal. 


Education Internship program

The ANKURI education internship program provides interns with the opportunity to teach in two or three local schools per day. Much of this experience is very self-directed, with interns creating their own lesson plans which cater to individual student needs. Schools range from elementary school (ages 2-10) to Intercollege level (11-17). Education interns are encouraged to develop their own creative means of making learning English fun for the students, including using games, crafts, and lots of conversational interaction.