Ankuri Farming initiative

The organic farming initiative is ANKURI's most recent project. Focused on creating natural, sustainable methods of food production, it is based at two locations, at the villages of Bharatwala and Rikhouli. On the Bharatwala campus, a small organic farm provides many of the vegetables used in the meals cooked for the ANKURI homestay. At the Rikhouli campus, a more intensive farming initiative is being developed with hopes of opening a farm-to-table cafe in the area in the future. 


Intern with the farming Initiative

ANKURI is seeking help from individuals interested in sustainable and natural farming practices to help further develop the program. Farming interns will work on methods to improve crop production through pest management, crop rotation, irrigation, and soil quality. Interns can expect to gain the basic skills necessary for eventually managing their own farms and adopting permaculture principles.