ANKURI uses a multifaceted approach to target several key areas of development.


Knitting Program

ANKURI's knitting program enables around 100 village women from Dehradun and Rikhouli to generate income through knitting handmade scarves, hats, blankets, and other goods. The knitting program has expanded in recent years to sell products to retailers such as FabIndia. Additionally, the program is run by village women, some of whom hold managerial positions. The socially-conscious products are sold by Pure Hands, an ANKURI-affiliated company. The income generated by the program helps the knitters to become economically independent and provide for themselves and their families. 



Literacy program

ANKURI's literacy outreach program involves local children from nearby villages. Every summer, education interns teach English at local schools to children aged 3-17. Additionally, ANKURI runs an after-school Literacy Centre which provides free individualized tutoring for children aged 4-16. Multiple teachers work with the varying levels of children, strengthening their basic skills in English and Math, while also providing supplemental help with school work. The Center also ensures that children participate in games, sports, and crafts after class for a holistic learning experience. As proper children's education is vital for long term community development, the literacy center is a crucial part of ANKURI's programs.



farming initiative

ANKURI's farming initiative is focused on growing organic, fresh foods for use in the Thikana homestay. It is currently in the process expanding to the Rikholi campus and includes a variety of produce, including a mushroom-growing initiative. The eventual goal of the farming initiative is to open a farm-to-table cafe near the Rikholi campus. As the initiative is in the process of expanding, farming interns are very welcome.